About Frientoru

Frientoru is an online community of mentees and mentors made for everyone, eveywhere.

We believe that higher education consulting and mentorship is best when done by mentors with personal experiences in their respective university.

Collaboration and people helping each other through technology is the way forward. We hope to contribute by empowering people to create meaningful connections, share authentic information, become better and grow together.


Our Community Values:

We believe a community is all about doing more together and that everyone is responsible for creating a safe, respectful and fun environment. For that reason, we’ve set out some principles so everyone can bring the vibes:

  • Be respectful of individuality and embrace different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Be kind and accepting of the fact that others have a right to their own feelings, thoughts, and opinions.
  • Be understanding of the struggles and hardships students are going through and help them to the best of your abilities.
  • Be authentic to share your real personal university experiences and advise students to avoid avoidable mistakes.
  • Be serious enough to be professional but also fun enough to be enjoyable to have a conservation with.

Our community moderators are here to uphold these values and ensure good vibes every day.